About Therapies


 I could add lots of pages of info, but I think the best way is to give me a call and see if you like the sound of me... I’m realistically priced. My friends say I should charge more really, but I really try to make my healing therapies accessible. I come and treat you at home. No buses or travelling when you’re all chilled out. Just pop the kettle on and relax after I’ve gone  


About Roma

My passion is Reflexology because it is an Holistic approach to our health and well-being. I am experienced in Classical, Clinical, Precision, Trauma, MS, and VRT, Metamorphic, ART, and recently Chi Reflexology and Zu Qigong.

I have given therapy to clients with many health and stress related problems including back pain, migraine, PMS, sub-fertility, asthma, sinus, depression, IBS, and arthritis to name a few. I also work with folk who are well and see me regularly because they believe that Prevention is better than Cure! 

Every person/foot/hand/head/dis-ease is unique. I learn and am open to new knowledge every day, and I give of my experience and expertise with every client or patient.

I have worked within an Hospice environment weekly for ten years and so am experienced working with patients with terminal illnesses.


Reiki and Healing Hands

I also have worked with carers and bereaved carers.

I combine different techniques to accommodate each person's specific needs within that session.

Many people have said I have Healing Hands.   

My Reiki Healing is with me at all times and therefore adds a special dimension to all my therapies. 

My teachers are the Originators in most of my therapies or come through a pure lineage. The therapies I offer are Exceptional.